The climate activists of Just Stop Oil have won visibility when you consider their Friday demonstration in which protesters threw Heinz tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers painting at London’s National Gallery. On Saturday, the pair have been joined in court by way of any other Just Stop Oil supporter who had doused a Scotland Yard register with yellow paint.

Members of the U.K.-based totally institution have formerly won interest for gluing themselves to artwork at artwork galleries and blockading roads or even racetracks.

The activists say their goal is to “ensure that the authorities commit to finishing all new licenses and consents for the exploration, development, and production of fossil fuels inside the UK.”

The U.K. Government in advance this month opened a new round of licensing for oil and gasoline exploration within the North Sea off of England’s east coast.
The protest movement says it practices nonviolent civil resistance in an attempt to get the authorities to do so.

Through the spring, Just Stop Oil stated its participants have been arrested greater than 1,000 times in the course of a monthslong protest marketing campaign in which human beings blocked oil terminals.
Most of the money for its operations comes from the Climate Emergency Fund, based in Los Angeles, which commenced with a foundational grant of $500,000 from Getty Oil heiress Aileen Getty. Filmmaker Adam McKay made a $4 million contribution and joined its board of directors final month.
Since the soup incident on Friday, a few critics have talked about how Just Stop Oil accepts donations in cryptocurrency, which has recognition for having a devastating impact on the surroundings.

After gluing themselves to the National Gallery wall underneath the painting on Friday, one of the activists shouted, “What is well worth more, art or existence? … Are you extra worried approximately the safety of a painting or the protection of our planet?”

The U.K. Is going through an electricity crisis which is about to cause 13% of an average household’s earnings to move in the direction of domestic power and car gas. This follows the European Union’s choice to ban maximum Russian oil via December.

Fossil fuels are the most important driving force of climate-warming emissions. Since the preindustrial era, the climate has already warmed via more than 1 degree Celsius, leading to greater excessive wildfires, hurricanes and heat waves.

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