The finishing of House of the Dragon episode 9 changed into fairly abrupt and dramatic, with the point of interest on the grounds that understandably resting on Rhaenys’ dramatic dragon-assisted getaway from King’s Landing.

But honestly, it shouldn’t have come as that lot of a surprise, due to the fact we had been told it changed into going to show up. The hassle was, the phrases had been spoken by way of an individual nobody listens to.

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OK, let’s back up for a moment. Earlier in the episode, after King Viserys has (in the end) been confirmed lifeless, Queen Alicent is going searching out her son Aegon to inform him that he’s going to be the brand new king. Her first stop is her daughter and Aegon’s sister/spouse (yep), Princess Helaena Targaryen.

Princess Helaena, you may remember, is a bit ordinary. She performs with bugs, she does not say a lot, and when she does it frequently feels like random nonsense.

Or at least it did till she perfectly expected episode 9 to finish.
In the scene in question, Alicent visits Helaena and is set to tell her of her father’s death while Helaena interrupts, whispering, “There is a beast below the boards.”
At the time, Alicent takes no observation. As viewers, we slightly take any notice either.

But cut to the quit of the episode, and Helaena’s words tackle an entirely new means. There turned into a beast underneath the forums: Princess Rhaenys’ dragon Medleys, at the back of which she bursts up via the floor to absolutely, derail King Aemon’s coronation before flying off to inform Rhaenyra about what the Hightowers are making plans.


Turns out we should were listening to Helaena this whole time. Going returned to her preceding scenes, Helaena predicts her brother being blinded in a single eye in episode 6 — “He’ll close an eye fixed,” she whispers while her mother tells Aemond he will have a dragon at some point — and in episode 7 she mutters a reputedly nonsensical poem that can maintain even more significance.
“Hand turns loom, spool of inexperienced, spool of black, dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread,” sings Helaena underneath her breath at the funeral of Laena Veyron.

What if “Hand turns loom” refers to the Hand, Otto Hightower, plotting for his daughter to marry King Viserys? The spools of green and black may want to constitute the extraordinary factions approximately to visit war (Alicent vs Rhaenyra), and the dragons should constitute something it really is going to appear all through that combat. Do dragons of thread imply banners, for example? Or ought to it suggest faux Targaryens, relating to Rhaenyra’s sons?

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